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The Royaltie Gem is 2017’s Marketing Breakthrough. Join my team to get the BEST video marketing tools for the Royaltie Gem. I will personalize my videos for YOU to use to market the “Royaltie Gem” Get access to the best video marketing tools by joining with me! Already joined Royaltie? Simply request to be switched under my downline to have access to video marketing tools!

“Royaltie Gem” Advertise to Android Phones

The “Royaltie Gem” is groundbreaking technology that allows small business’s to Advertise to Android Phone users with their Bluetooth enabled (70% of users) using “Proximity Marketing” Proximity Marketing allows business’s to advertise to people within their device’s “Proximity” within 100 yards of their device. Check out the new video we just made right here at Glarner Group.  “Royaltie Gem” changing the way you advertise to business’s on the go, for only $25 per month!



“Royaltie Gem” 100 Yard Test

We decided to test the new “Royaltie Gem” on a football field. We actually went well over the 100 Yard marker because the goal posts are 10 yards in from either direction. We received it at 120 Yards in a crystal clear path of just a football field. Steel, and brick do dissipate the signal, but not kill it, its just the more walls you go through the lower the signal may be depending on what it was constructed with. Steel and Brick aren’t friendly and strongly disapate the signal, so I don’t ever expect it to go more than 1 room into a building, unless you have glass, glass is good as it broadcasts right through it! Check out our test on the football field below! Visit Royaltie Gem HERE and get yours today! An exciting new affiliate program is available as well!


FREE Affiliate Marketing Training -The Royaltie Gem

Affiliate Marketing is not that hard, but you must have certain skills that need specific training. If you are new to affiliate marketing and have never done any, or have never been that successful at it, you found the right place! We offer FREE Affiliate Marketing Training for people looking to sign up as a Royaltie Gem Affiliate. You sign up as an affiliate with Royaltie Gem, and you don’t pay a single penny to us! Here is a video with more information about our Free training we offer for Affiliate Marketing.

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