“Review of the “Royaltie Gem” Affiliate Program”


Royaltie Gem CEO Justin Belobaba does an interview with Joseph Glarner in studio. Learn about the technology, and how it is changing the way business’s market to their Android customers!

CLICK HERE TO Get your Royaltie Gems today, or to SIGN UP AS A ROYALTIE GEM AFFILIATE!

CLICK HERE TO Get your Royaltie Gems today, or to SIGN UP AS A ROYALTIE GEM AFFILIATE!


CLICK HERE TO Get your Royaltie Gems today, or to SIGN UP AS A ROYALTIE GEM AFFILIATE!


Here at TheCandleRingMan we have lots of experience building FREE webpages. WordPress is by far the BEST choice for first time web builders.  Their SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is effective for people to find your site! I highly recommend them, but as you grow your website/and/or blog, you should create “Backpages” Pages to help support your .com or wordpress site that are informative, and have good content you are trying to get people to read. Here at the TheCandleRingMan we have built LOTS of websites and have finally figured out what works best for us. Here are our reviews about different website builders out on the market you can use for FREE!

YOLA  thecandleringman.yolasite.com

Yola is an easy way to build a free webpage. I found them to be above average for sure! I would recommend building a FREE site on Yola. Mine ended up looking very nice and I did it in under an hour. Here is the link if you want to see what a typical YOLA site might look like. They have other templates. Very nice! 7 Stars *******

Website Builder.com thecandleringman.my-free.website

Website Builder was easy to use, very stylish, and easy to edit. They have a nice selection of templates but not enough for what I was looking for. My site is a niche market so often times I scramble for my artwork. I would recommend Website Builder for first time web builders. I also give them 7 Stars*******

Tumblr thecandleringman.tumblr.com

Tumblr is great! Put out by Yahoo it packs a punch in the free online blogging world. I enjoyed blogging on Tumblr but it is very limited to something like wordpress. I would highly reccomend using Tumblr though to help add to your .com. Tumblr is a great blogging platform that can help generate leads. 8 Stars********

Weebly candleringman.weebly.com

Weebly is very good. They come highly recommended. I found them to be super simple to set up and design a website. They have a paid membership feature that is hard to find. 9 Stars********

WIX josephglarner.wixsite.com/thecandleringman

WIX is very flashy. This can be REALLY GOOD, or REALLY BAD depending on what you want your viewer to look like. WIX is the Future of FLASH WEBSITES, but not every device likes the flash making your website inoperable by many people. I love WIX designs, but I also know I am loosing out on customers that have devices that won’t allow them to look at my webstite. Their SEO help is amazing though and for that reason and that reason alone. 9 Stars*********

These are not your only choices, but they are by far the “BEST FREE WEBSITE BUILDERS!” We hope you enjoyed our article. For tips and tricks on learning how to work from home for FREE check us out at HowToEarnMoneyOnlineForFREE

My wife and I have recently spotted an affiliate program that is set to boom over the next 2 years and we are excited to share it with you! Check us out for FREE training and support today!


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