Join the “Free Affiliate Program” SoyL Scents


fireside-candle-page-bannersoyl_scents_logo_thumb_1476477692__00634 meltergemsbanner

TheCandleRingMan Recently joined SoyL Scents as a “FREE Affiliate” and suggests you do to! 

SoyL Scents re-opened their Affiliate Program in 2016, looking at this company was amazing to say the least! My wife and I had been customers of theirs for several years, and one day she was checking up to see what their website had and low and behold they had opened an affiliate program! BOOM! We were all in! Their growth is not going to stop for quite some time by the looks of the trends on commission graphs they have allowed you access to. We find their back office to be one of the best we have ever seen. My wife has been selling online for the last 8 years, and I have been selling for some time too! The best part, is they allow you to sign up other affiliates and you gain  small commission on their sales!

Great company, great products, check them out HERE


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